Fine Art, San Francisco, CA


Artist Talavera-Ballón painting live during the Grand Opening of the Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco, August 11, 2018. Producer & Videographer: Roque Hernandez

A painting in the "Mujeres Luz" series in the making, June 2016

Mujeres Luz is an art exhibit dedicated to Las Patronas and migrants who travel on La Bestia, inspired by the film All of Me (Llévate mis amores). When Talavera-Ballón saw the movie at the San Francisco Film Festival last year, he was so moved that he traveled to Veracruz, Mexico to meet and paint these incredible women. It will be shown at 518 Valencia (Aug. 5-9) & Galería de la Raza (Aug. 10-Sep 17), San Francisco, CA.

Video credits: Victoria Montero Fotografia

Painting Live @ the de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA - Oct 14, 2016

Talavera-Ballón painting live @ the de Young Museum, San Francisco (October 2106)

Painting live at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA - Oct 9, 2015